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13 Reasons NOT to quit your job

Should I quit my job? Yes or no. This is a question that millennials ask themselves on a regular basis. There are 8,000 articles out there that tell companies why their employees quit (their boss) and reasons why you should give your resignation letter, but there are very few that will tell you to calm down and stay…


Canadian Thanksgiving: What is it really?

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. Whoooooooo! Turkey. Stuffing. Turkey. Mashed potatoes. Turkey. Pumpkin pie. Decorative cornucopias filled with gourds. Leftover turkey. Pilgrims. – OK, no pilgrims. Canada doesn’t have the warm and fuzzy story of the pilgrims and indians [Native Americans? First Nations? Aboriginals? I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS PC ANYMORE.] sitting down and being…

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