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Life Lesson: Public Transit Etiquette 101

Public transit. Do those two words make your skin crawl? If it’s because you think transit is for poor people – you’re a dick. If it’s because you know that people who ride transit can unexpectedly ruin your day, then I fully agree. Cities around the world should really put together some public education campaigns…



What to do in Calgary? Well there are many things to do in this fine city, but I’m more of an urban explorer myself…so while most guides about Calgary include a trip to the mountains or some sort of hiking adventure, we’re going to keep it pretty close to the concrete jungle. Ollia’s Macaron Classes…

Tim Minchin’s 9 Life Lessons

Tim Minchin’s 9 Life Lessons

When life is getting me down, I like to watch convocation/graduation speeches. Nothing is more inspiring than what you were told when you first started out. When you weren’t jaded, we you hadn’t gotten beaten down by the man, when you still had the innocent view that the world was your oyster and you could…

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