What we’re listening to: February

What’s coming out of your headphones this month? This is what is playing in ours…


Uryelle is listening to…
Artist:​ BEYONCE​
Why I love it…​ Because when Queen Bey drops a surprise single and music video the day before the Super Bowl then announces a world tour the next day, no other song matters to me for the rest of that month.


Martha is listening to…
Song: Absolutely
Artist: Ra Ra Riot
Why I love it…it’s the perfect jam to get you through the blahness of the winter, when you still remember the high of new years resolutions, but are slipping in a big way and need some inspiration.


Rob is listening to…
Song: Butterfly
Artist: Grimes
Why I 💖 it…this song is my jam–whether it’s biking through Amsterdam, walking throughout RLD, or contemplating the unbearable lightness of being. Given that the Grammys just happened, it’s also important to recognize how Grimes was ROBBED of both Juno and Grammy nominations. Bastards.


Andi is listening to…
Song: Drunk on Your Love
Artist: Brett Eldredge
Why I love it…I want this song to be about me. I want Brett Eldredge and his beautiful face to be drunk on my love. Drunk drunk on my love, on my love love.


Molly is listening to…
Song: Taxi by Pitbull! Haha just kidding. When We Were Young
Artist: Adele
Why I love it…after a few months of butchering Hello, it was time to move on to singing a new Adele song. This is one of those awesome songs that you convince yourself you don’t sound THAT bad singing….until you reach a high note.


Elyse is listening to…
Song: Strong Enough
Artist: Cher
Why I love it… Cher. Disco. Middle school dance vibes. It’s been a rough start to 2016, so when I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning I put this song on and pull myself together. Gotta do what you gotta do!


Lindsey is listening to…
Song: Worry
Artist: Jack Garratt
Why I love it…it’s got a great beat – sometimes you think the songs over, but it’s not, it’s just pausing for dramatic effect.


Stephanie is listening to…
Song: Dancing Around It
Artist: Charles Kelley
Why I Love It…I’ve seen Lady Antebellum perform live a couple of times and Charles Kelley never disappoints. This is a chill song!


Jes is listening to…
Song: Crying in Public
Artist: Chairlift
Why I love it…because I feel like girls need an anthem for times when they’re like “Oh God, why am I crying right now? WHY? GET IT TOGETHER!” And this is like, “Sorry about that…I’m just emotional.” It’s good.

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