Ideas for a Halifax bachelorette day

Planning the perfect bachelorette event for the bride can be one of life’s biggest struggles, but it really shouldn’t be. Think about your bride. What does she like to do? What is her favourite food? Is she a going out girl or does she prefer to stay in? Does she have a large group of friends, or only a few close confidants? These are some starter questions. If nothing else, remember that the day is about her, not you and not about the other people coming. Make it her day and then it really shouldn’t be that hard to pull together.

If you are hard up for some ideas, you can use these. I was recently involved in the execution of a day of bachelorette events in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you’re in that area, I would highly recommend all of the places we went to – if you’re in another area, the skeleton can still apply.

If there isn’t a wedding in the future, the harbour city is a perfect destination if you live in eastern Canada and want to head to the coast for a weekend with the girls.

Event 1 (10:00 AM): Yoga (Moksha Yoga)

What does the bride like to do in her down time? Our bride is a yogi, so yoga it was. Moksha Yoga allows your party to rent a space at the studio and have a private class with an instructor. This is perfect if you have some first timers in the group (like we did). A super relaxing and fun way to kick off the day. Moksha is known for its hot yoga, but they can also turn down the temperature for your group if you want to do a regular flow class.

Event 2 (11:30 AM): Lunch (Ciboulette)

After your yoga class (or any other group exercise activity…bike ride, crossfit etc.) anyone would be hungry. We headed over to a take out lunch spot and grab some food. Some of the best sandwiches in Halifax are from Ciboulette – which was walking distance from our next destination. We got some sandwiches and cookies (a must) and headed over to the next destination.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.50.46 AMEvent 3 (12:00 PM): Spa (Spirit Spa)

Spirit Spa is wonderful for your group excursion. They have a fabulous view on their patio, which is where we ate our lunch and took a breather before heading in for our services. You will need to arrive ahead of your appointment to take advantage of this, but it is worth it. You can also arrange for catering to be brought in as well if you don’t want to bring in your own food.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.50.05 AM

After lunch, it was time for our services. Since we were getting ready for our big day, our nails were prime targets for perfection. Spirit has a variety of services you can book, but if you want group bonding, manicures and pedicures are where it’s at. Make sure you book in advance so you can get the group together on the thrones for pedicures or in the chairs for manicures. You can follow it up with a blow out and/or make-up application. Then you are ready to go for the rest of the evening. (Make sure you have enough time for everyone in your group to receive their services before you go off to the next event).

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.51.16 AMEvent 4 (4:00 PM): Break, Hotel Check-In (Cambridge Suites Hotel)

At this point we had been moving all day and needed to relax…and probably change. We booked a suite at the Cambridge Suites Hotel for the bridal party to spend the night in. Cambridge has rooms that sleep 6, so it’s perfect for your group to get together. The one bedroom suites also give you a place to hang out and a separate place to sleep which is ideal. We checked into our room, popped a bottle of champagne and got ready for the evening ahead.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.54.46 AMEvent 5 (5:30 PM): Wine Tasting (Obladee Wine Bar)

If your bride is interested in wine then Obladee is a great choice for your group. At this point in the day, the rest of the ladies that were attending the bachelorette festivities joined the group and we did a group Introduction to Wine Tasting class. Obladee does a fantastic wine tasting class for large groups. One of the sommeliers will teach you all about four different types of wine, teaching you how to taste and discover new flavours. By the end of your tasting you will know so much more about the substance you will be drinking for the rest of the evening and will have a healthy buzz going into dinner. I would recommend this tasting class for groups of newbie wine drinkers as well as seasoned winos.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.50.20 AMEvent 6 (7:30 PM): Dinner (Stubborn Goat)

It was time to eat again (make sure your bride is fed throughout the day, this will prevent the next day hangover!). When picking your restaurant for a bachelorette make sure you are going somewhere the the bride likes (no-brainier) and that has a variety of options for your group. We chose the Stubborn Goat for its array of dishes that would please anyone from our group. I recommend any of the types of Mac and Cheese!

Event 7 (9:30 PM): Bridal Games/Drinks (the hotel)

After dinner, we knew it wasn’t going to be late enough to hit the dance floor. We took the whole crew back to our hotel suite to play some games and drink some more wine before heading out. If you’re at the Cambridge Suites, they have a roof top patio for the guests that is great for this gathering (and keeps you away from other guest who may be trying to sleep).

Event 8 (11:00 PM) Dancing! (Seahorse)

It wouldn’t be a real bachelorette party if you didn’t go somewhere to dance. Our bride was big on the Mellatones, so we went to the Seahorse where they happened to be playing. You will probably know what place your bride will want to go based on her normal habits, but if you are new to the area – check online what nights or the week are good at which place, better yet, ask a local.

Event 9 (2:00 AM): Snack (Donair)

Being in Halifax, the 2 AM snack must be a donair. If you are against eating that late at night, talk yourself into it. You’ve now been drinking for 7 straight hours…this will help you avoid the next day hangover (or at least, make it less painful).

Event 10 (3:30 AM): Sleep

No explanation needed.


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