13 Reasons NOT to quit your job

Should I quit my job? Yes or no.

This is a question that millennials ask themselves on a regular basis. There are 8,000 articles out there that tell companies why their employees quit (their boss) and reasons why you should give your resignation letter, but there are very few that will tell you to calm down and stay put.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.16.04 AMYou hate one of your colleagues
You know what would be nice? Liking everyone you work with. You know what’s super rare? Liking everyone that you work with. You are going to run into situations anywhere you go where you don’t like everyone, don’t let this be a reason you leave your workplace. Find ways to limit your time with that person.

The staff appreciation parties suck
You know what doesn’t effect your day to day job life at all? An after work hours party put on and paid for by your company. Some people hate them because they don’t want to be with work people outside of work hours. Some people don’t like them because they think that whatever the event, the company is not paying enough to treat their employees. Some people hate them because of the specific venue choice or activity. Some people hate them because they would rather have a $50 cash bonus. Point is, the bosses will never please everyone so they try and fail and that’s just life. No need to leave over that, it’s the same anywhere you go.

You weren’t given the vacation dates you wanted*
You wanted to go on that Mexico trip with your crew, but your work has a big project happening and they won’t let you take it off. That’s too bad, but sometimes you need to make leisure sacrifices to stay employed. If you want a flexible job that will let you be young and free become a barista or work in retail. (No shade to those jobs – they are usually more flexible)

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.57.52 AMSomeone stole your lunch from the fridge
As shady as that is, it’s not worth leaving the company over.

Your boss gives too much constructive feedback
Some people don’t like feedback. It can hurt your feelings and sometimes be embarrassing. New flash – no one likes it. People just learn to take it and eventually it will not feel personal. The most successful people listen to feedback and try to make their work better based on it. Don’t quit your job because your boss makes you redo everything you ever give them. Have they fired you? No. Then it’s just part of the process.

Other people in your office get special privileges that you don’t
Unless those privileges include half of your salary or you doing all of their work while they go on continuous vacations – it doesn’t really effect you at all. Comparison can be a killer in the workplace. Think about your job, how you do it and let your boss deal with the rest.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.17.13 AMYou think you’re smarter than your boss
There is a good chance you know things that your boss doesn’t, there is also a good chance that you know things your boss’s boss doesn’t. You will always have a little more knowledge in some areas than the people above you, the sooner you realize that the faster you can start doing your job well and stop thinking about why they don’t just let you run the company.

You had a bad day*
Everyone has bad days. If you have a couple here and there, but for the most part you are liking your job – stay put. Don’t let your emotions sign your resignation letter.

You didn’t get the raise you wanted*
Knowing your worth is great, however don’t quit because you don’t think your employer knows it. If your job checks most of your boxes and just can’t pay you as much as you would like then you should stick around. The economy is not great – it’s possible that they love you, they just can’t afford to give you what you want.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.26.42 AMYou feel under appreciated*
There are different ways that one can feel appreciated. Some people need to be given applause in front of the group and others are OK with a thank you. It’s possible that your boss or colleagues appreciate you, but are maybe not telling you in the way you feel they should be. Step back and assess that.

You don’t like your boss’s expectations
Working for someone who wants really good work is not a bad thing. It is much more rewarding when you try to do a great job and achieve it then trying to do the bare minimum and getting in trouble for it.

You broke up with a co-worker
Yes, working with your ex is hard, but don’t let them win by leaving. It’s probably as awkward for them as it is for you – plus, working with them everyday will serve as a reminder to you that dating your co-workers is a terrible idea.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.15.40 AMYou’d rather not work
There are so few people that actually like everything about their job and no one likes their job all of the time. We can all agree that some people just don’t like ‘having’ to do anything, therefore having a job is a daily struggle. If you are one of those people – stay at your job. Your bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

 *If these things happen continuously, then maybe reassess leaving, but if it’s only once, or once in a while, stay put.



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