Jes spends approximately 25% of her income on brunch, really likes to laugh and is certain if Regina George punched her in the face she would not think it was awesome.

25th Team

All the peeps on the 25th team collaborating for your enjoyment.


Former overachiever and current dabbler, Elyse has a soft spot for DIY, Murder She Wrote, her fur babies and her husband. When she’s not falling into the black hole of the Internet, she’s dreaming of the junk food she left behind in Canada.


Keri loves mini ponies, red wine and anything from Theory’s fall line. She has a not-so-secret obsession with Una pizza and can be spotted driving down to High River playing they latest Two Chainz track.


Mallorie recently traded in her gypsy lifestyle attending music festivals and hanging out in sketchy foreign countries to become a stay at home mom to her little boy and two wiener dogs. She enjoys alt music, cupcakes, pink lemonade, and leather handbags.


Splitting her time between thinking about her dog and spending time with her dog, Martha has become the person she used to loathe. Other than that, you can find her enjoying pizza, good coffee and pretending she isn't interested in fantasy sports.


When she’s not apologizing for her lack of Boston accent, Molly can be found reading, planning her next trip, cheering for the Flames, or thinking about and/or eating pizza. Actually, it’s mostly just the pizza part.

Paper Doll Events

Paper Doll is a full-scale boutique wedding and event planning service specializing in intimate and inspired gatherings in the Calgary area. Follow us on Instagram (@PaperDollEvents) and Pinterest (@PaperDollYYC).


Rob is a current quarter-life survivor, with a penchant for cats, coffee, and cynical humor. By day he studies the effects of materialism, and by night he dances for dollars behind the red-lights of Amsterdam.


Uryelle enjoys photography, horror movies and Boston accents. If there is ever an argument over who likes frozen yogurt more, Ury will always invariably win.

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