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Comedy before Trump

What did you do today? I re-read the January 2013 issue of Vanity Fair. I know you’re thinking, “What the whaaa? A physical magazine? From almost five years ago? Whyyyy?” Yes – an actual magazine. Why? Because, it was the All-Star Comedy Issue guest-edited by Judd Apatow. (Also, because someone tweeted a photo of the 2003 Young Hollywood issue,…


CFMF Pick: Donovan Woods

When my co-writer and I put together the list of people to see at the Calgary Folk Music Festival this year, I added my picks and she added hers. I’m usually pretty on my game when it comes to picking the winners, and am fairly in the know about who is out there, but Donovan…


4 Depressing Films from CIFF 2016

Film festivals are curated with a wide range of films – different countries, genres and stories are represented, something for everyone they say. This year at CIFF (the Calgary International Film Festival) I chose four seemingly different movies to see and left with one similar feeling – depression. They just don’t make them like they…


REVIEW: Hello Destroyer (CIFF 2016)

This year’s Calgary International Film Festival started this week. Every year I get invited come along to a few shows and every year I leave each show thinking, what the hell did I just watch? For the first time in the history of my CIFF attendance, I got to suggest our first film of the festival. Huge personal victory!…

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