Cost of a date in Canada

All my single ladies, do you ever wonder – where have all the good men gone? Well, according to an analysis done by Elite Singles – it’s because they are at home, saving their hard earned money.*

Okay, so that’s not what their analysis said, but that is my interpretation of the results.

Elite Singles looked at a general date (something after the first coffee/drink introduction) that included:

  • a dinner for two (not too fancy, but not Denny’s),
  • a bottle of wine  (at dinner, not in the car before you enter the restaurant),
  • two movie tickets (not IMAX);
  • and an 8 km taxi ride home (not clear if the people are going to the same destination – but that’s fine)

They averaged the prices across Canada to give them an average date night cost of $115.**

First of all, what kind of gross wine are they getting for that price? Arbor Mist? I am hoping they are going somewhere during half price bottle of wine hour or that’s an unfortunate date.

Still, $115 is pretty steep. Especially if you are not really into the person. Or, if you don’t know if you’re into the person. OR, even if you are into the person and you are just not into throwing out over $100 to eat semi-okay food, drink shitty wine and then see a movie that you’ll probably end up hating because you went the ‘safe’ route and picked the blockbuster movie that ends up being worse than a Netflix original movie starring Adam Sandler. Even if that cab ride does only have one stop – it’s potentially not worth it.

So, across the country the average crap wine date was $115. Below are the top 10 most expensive places in Canada to have this date.*** Basically, good luck finding a man in Hamilton.

  1. Hamilton, ON: $125
  2. Toronto, ON: $123
  3. Edmonton, AB: $122
  4. Calgary, AB: $120
  5. Vancouver, BC: $118
  6. Montreal, QC: $117
  7. Winnipeg, MB: $109
  8. Ottawa, ON: $108
  9. Halifax, NS: $107
  10. Quebec City, QC: $103


*  “Oh my God Jes, I resent the fact that you think men should pay for dates. I AM A SUCCESSFUL, FINANCIALLY STABLE, INDEPENDENT WOMAAAAAN! We could also split the bill. I am perfectly fine with that.” I am sure you are a fully capable women – able to pay for yourself and open your own doors. However, not all men know that and not all women feel that way – thus, men stay home because they don’t really want to chance the $115 cheque if you are a firm believer in the man’s duty to pay.

**  We don’t know if this includes a tip. And if it does, how much of a tip? And do tips vary in different parts of the country – for example in places where minimum wage is higher, do people tip less? Was this a factor? Does this include only tips for the restaurant service, or for taxi too? Also, are they getting popcorn at this movie? I know they just ate – but I feel like popcorn is mandatory and then that makes me believe that this cost is really incorrect and should be reflective of a date at Denny’s.

***  This date is boring. I hate that this is the typical date. Basic AF.



Jes spends approximately 25% of her income on brunch, really likes to laugh and is certain if Regina George punched her in the face she would not think it was awesome.

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