10 Movies that Will Make You Cry

Sometimes you just need to have a good cry. It’s cathartic. These movies will help you get the job done.

A group of oil drillers travel to space to save the world from an asteroid – and they succeed because, ‘Merica.
The tears will come when: Grace and Harry say goodbye.

The Blind Side
A well off family from Tennessee take a boy into their home – and Sandra Bullock is the mom.
Tears will come when: Michael says he’s never had a bed before.

Dead Poets Society
A private school teacher inspires a group of young men…and then he is fired.
Tears will come when: Neil kills himself and then again when Keaton leaves and the students stand on their desks. (It’s even sadder now after Robin.)
Thomas and the bees.

Steel Magnolias
A small town. A beauty salon. And the death of a young mother.
Tears will come when: Sally Field after the funeral yelling “I want to hit somebody until they feel as bad as I do.”

Remember the Titans
A high school gets desegregated and Denzel Washington brings bunch of football players together.
Tear will flow when: Julius goes to see Gerry in the hospital and tells the nurse that they’re brothers.

Life is Beautiful
A father and son are taken to a concentration camp during WWII. The father makes a game out of the experience so his son didn’t understand the terrors of where they actually were.
Tears will flow when: They take Guido away to kill him…and he is still pretending with his kid that the whole thing is a game.

A little fawn loses his mom to a hunter and his dad is like – well, I guess I should tell you I’m your dad now.
Tears will fall when: Bambi’s mother gets shot and little optimistic Bambi is like “We made it! We made it mother!” and you know she’s dead.

To pay off a gambling debt, Keanu Reeves starts coaching an inner-city baseball team and every one of the players has a harder life than him.
Tears will flow when: G Baby gets shot.

Land Before Time
Children dinosaurs travel without adults to the Great Valley.
Tears will fall when: Littlefoot’s mom dies and as she is dying he is like ‘Why would I need to know the way if you’re going to take me?

The Notebook
Noah is telling Allie the story of how they met at the old folks home where they live. She doesn’t know that it’s their story because she has Alzheimer’s.
Tears will come when: Old Allie remembers Noah…and then forgets and freaks out and the orderlies have to come in and sedate her.



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