VIDEO: Trudeau and Mulcair’s very Canadian ‘House Brawl’

The internet freaked out today. Well, the Canadian part of the internet that cares about what happens in the house of the gross green carpet.

PM Justin Trudeau and the NDP’s Tom Mulcair “almost had a physical altercation” in the House today according to the Internet. I mean, it did look exciting*…

…but that wasn’t a near physical altercation. Not even close. When the initial reports came out I was pretty excited that we were going to see Turkey 2.0. The all out BRAWL that erupted in the Turkish parliament was epic…but this, I have already forgotten it.

I mean, this is a very Canadian version of what happened in Turkey, so I guess this is as good as it is going to get.

*Sarcasm. Clearly.



Jes spends approximately 25% of her income on brunch, really likes to laugh and is certain if Regina George punched her in the face she would not think it was awesome.

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