WestJet is bringing the Christmas Feels again (VIDEO)


WestJet is at it again bringing Christmas magic to the internet in video form. I’m not going to lie – I always cry watching these videos. It’s like WestJet knows where my tear ducts are and go to town on them every December. And then this year they added more emotions, but I’ll get to that in a second.

This year the Calgary based company brought the magic back to Alberta and did their Christmas Miracle for residents of Fort McMurray – the northern Alberta town that was partially destroyed by an insane wildfire earlier this year. The Christmas Miracle was hosting a party and giving gifts to people effected by the fire.

In addition to the regular miracle video (I cannot NOT cry when he says Fort McMurray Strong at the end – impossible), they made a few videos of people that they did individual miracles for. This year they didn’t give out big gifts, but got employees to give things that were special to them to people who lost stuff in the fire. So cute.

The story of the Hordichuk family destroyed me. Not only did they lose their house in the fire, but the trailer that they evacuated with that contained all of their irreplaceable items was STOLEN.


You can watch the whole story below, but if there is really is such thing as Christmas magic – I hope this video helps them get some of their things back. Internet – activate. Help them find their stuff…or find the people who stole it and get it back to them.

Oh my GAWD I am crying again. I love that she gave them a watch that was said to be “ugly”. That is so great.

Ugh, I love WestJet. I hate that they always make me cry, but damn, I love WestJet.



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